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Staff and Classes

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

​PrincipalAkram Shehata
Sarah Reilly
​SecretaryShannon Priest
​Clerk/ StenoTina Schild (0.2)
Jeff Hurtault (Chief) & Colin Hughes (afternoons)
​Educational Assistant
​Alana McCleary
​Educational Assistant
​Tammy Sullivan
​Educational Assistant
Nicole Kennedy
​Educational Assistant
​Maureen McKee
​Educational Assistant
​Katie Lockhart
​Educational Assistant
​Kim Bloomfield
​Educational Assistant
Nadera Zinbarakji

​Classes​​Teacher- Click teacher's name to access class blog
KindergartenLindsay Curry / Jill Tellier
​Kindergarten​Jessica Sauve / Patricia Carruthers (LTO for J. de Boer)
KindergartenLissa Simms(0.2), Jessica Beck-Ciurko(0.8) / Coralee Fachnie
​Grade 1Jessica Laube
​Grade 1
​Paula Sutton
​Grade 2
​Karla Tupling
​Grade 2
​Chantal Millar
​Grade 3
​Terri Carter
​Grade 3
​Robyn Wallace
​Grade 3/4
​Jonathan Soers
Grade 4
Gary Weatherall
​Grade 5
Anna Pascuzzo
​Grade 5/6
​Brad Holden
​Grade 7
​Jeremy Cain
​Grade 8
Tina Pogor
​Grade 8
Tracey Parsons
​French​Dawn Jones
​Library​Adrianna Pritchard
​SERT Julie Gilbert
Learning Centre/SERT/PT
Lea Anne Leal
​Planning TimeJulie Herr (0.1)
Sarah Mattsson (0.4)
Sarah Reilly (0.6)